Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fans Love "Ascension" The Most

The "Favorite Zombies Map" Poll Is Officially Over and It seems That fans love the map "Ascension" the Most!

So why is that 50% of voters favor the crazy russian cosmodrome of zombies "Ascension"? Could it be the fact that lurking around every corner of the huge map is another hidden secret waiting to be discovered? Or could it be the awesome new weapon  of mass destruction, the "Gersch Device"? Will people still favor "Ascension" when the new map "Call of the Dead" comes out in a few weeks?

Who Knows! But what we do know is that the extensive wonder world of "Ascension" is totally awesome and why else would 50% of voters say so!? The rest of the fans voted for only 2 other maps. 16% of  fans voted for the classic map, "Der Riese" while 33% of voters chose the entertaining "Kino Der Toten".

The next poll is going to be....hmmm...wait for it....." Who Is Your Favorite Black Ops Zombies Character"
Who will you choose?

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