Sunday, May 29, 2011

The POWER!!!

It's good to be back! The power! The POWER!!!! HA ha ha ah! Oh sorry, I could not contain myself. The power has been out here for a couple days and I am so relieved that I can finally get back online! Not having electricity happens to really be a serious pain in the butt and not having running water sucks even more. Thank God for the Survival Kit I ordered awhile back! It really came in handy although I did not want to open it. Oh well.

The series of storms in the North East are nothing compared to the devastation in the South caused by the tornados wreaking havok and killing everyone, but they were damaging and I'm glad it is over!

Still working on getting everything up and running and I deeply regret that the Modern Warfare 3 blog isn't coming up anytime soon, but I will keep everyone posted! Pieces!

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