Thursday, June 30, 2011

Complete "Time Travel Will Tell" Mega Easter Egg of Paradise Instructions

I finally found all of the information and like I said before, the article is ready with everything you need to know about the new "Shangri-la" Mega Easter Egg of Paradise, enabling you with the power to unlock the "Time Travel Will Tell" achievement for getting the focusing stone.

The reward is so absolutely amazing, that I doubt any gamer will be disapointed. I'm not going to tell you quite yet what it is, but you can rest assured it's awesome. You can find that information right here so here is The Instructions!

New Shangri-la "Time Travel Will Tell" Mega Easter Egg

The new zombies map is a freaksack of a good time and once again, Treyarch has left another hidden easter egg of insanity with Shangri-la Zombies "Time Travel Will Tell" achievement/Mega Easter Egg of Paradise. There are bunch of videos up on Youtube right now and some of the steps are already complete! I found three of them posted currently as of this morning.

It kind of resembles Ascension's "Mystery Man" easter egg and will take 4 players to even attempt! I don't currently have any Xbox Live MSP right now so Ive been playing the map on my son's Xbox. I will let you know when I have completed the walkthrough for the new map Shangri-la's mega easter egg and Im going to work on it right tune!

Check back later and may be ready!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Paradise of "Shangri-La" Zombies

Screenshot from Annihilation Reveal Trailer by October Monk
 According to the release trailer for the Annihilation Map Pack. the new zombies level coming to Xbox Live on June 28th will be called "Shangri-la"!

Click Here For Details

The intel previously stating the Annihilation Map Pack as the Retaliation Map Pack was a hoax, probably a retaliation from Treyarch and Activision against the hackers that leaked the intel about the previous DLC.

So what do you all think about this mythical paradise of Shangri-La anyhow? I know not much about the mysterious history of the somewhat mythical sanctuary and any intel into that would be much appreciated in the comments section.

Sorry about the mix up with the Retalaiation Map Pack ordeal. The articles are still good and I have changed them up a bit to fit the new and correct title! See you back soon!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Zombies Map: "Retaliation" Map Pack Coming On The 28th!

New Zombies Map Coming on June 28th! I cannot believe that this is happening already. I mean, the PS3 gamers have not even been playing the Escalation Maps for a week or two!

What will the next addition to the Zombies phenomena have to offer? You will have to wait and see, but as for now you should check out these articles about the "Retaliation Map Pack"!

Black Ops Retaliation Map Pack Coming Soon

Retaliation Zombie Theories Stir The Waters

When you're done reading the news and the theories behind the new Black Ops Zombies map coming to the "Retaliation Map Packs" come up with some of your own theories and post them her in the comments section!

Also coming soon to Call of Duty fans is the BETA test for the Call of Duty: Elite Online premium service! Check it out here and be sure to leave your ideas and comments in the appropriate section!