Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Zombies Map: "Retaliation" Map Pack Coming On The 28th!

New Zombies Map Coming on June 28th! I cannot believe that this is happening already. I mean, the PS3 gamers have not even been playing the Escalation Maps for a week or two!

What will the next addition to the Zombies phenomena have to offer? You will have to wait and see, but as for now you should check out these articles about the "Retaliation Map Pack"!

Black Ops Retaliation Map Pack Coming Soon

Retaliation Zombie Theories Stir The Waters

When you're done reading the news and the theories behind the new Black Ops Zombies map coming to the "Retaliation Map Packs" come up with some of your own theories and post them her in the comments section!

Also coming soon to Call of Duty fans is the BETA test for the Call of Duty: Elite Online premium service! Check it out here and be sure to leave your ideas and comments in the appropriate section!


  1. thats annilation smart one

  2. Hah well that's annihilation... When is retaliation coming

  3. I stand corrected as we all know now! The Intel leak of the Annihilation Map pack (leaked at by an inside source) was originally leaked with the title "Retaliation" map pack and was indeed, a retaliation by Treyarch to pull a fast-one on whoever leaked that information to Gamespot! Thanks for your comments guys and I hope to see you subscribe!

  4. according to wikipedia the last zombie map for black ops is called quarantine and based off of area 51 and will be the last to feature the original charachters ihope that infos true keep playin zombies everyone!

  5. ppl have been saying "the next zombies will be area 51" since the first map pack on WAW so i doubt treyarch would do something so predictable