Friday, June 17, 2011

The Paradise of "Shangri-La" Zombies

Screenshot from Annihilation Reveal Trailer by October Monk
 According to the release trailer for the Annihilation Map Pack. the new zombies level coming to Xbox Live on June 28th will be called "Shangri-la"!

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The intel previously stating the Annihilation Map Pack as the Retaliation Map Pack was a hoax, probably a retaliation from Treyarch and Activision against the hackers that leaked the intel about the previous DLC.

So what do you all think about this mythical paradise of Shangri-La anyhow? I know not much about the mysterious history of the somewhat mythical sanctuary and any intel into that would be much appreciated in the comments section.

Sorry about the mix up with the Retalaiation Map Pack ordeal. The articles are still good and I have changed them up a bit to fit the new and correct title! See you back soon!


  1. Please whoever is reading this don't flag me, I got these rumours from a reliably decent source.
    Here is th facts:
    Pack a Punch will return
    The Wonder-Weapons will return.
    There are underground parts of this map
    Monkeys don't come every round
    There are several different traps including a Bottomless pit.
    There is a new perk but I cannot reveal it, Sorry.
    The map is set in a paralel world made through the teleporters.
    It will not be the final map but it will reveal some clues about Samantha and the Origin of group 935.
    the 4 Original Characters will return.

    Der Horror ist Doktor Maxis, er ist nicht tot, und er war nie, ich danke Gerch dafür ist Yuri frei und er wird Ihnen helfen, das der Horror, solange man die Drachen nutzen

  2. Well now that the Annihilation Map Pack is out, we can confirm that your sources are semi-reliable. Of course it could be speculation but read more of the posts to discover the truth of Shangri-la and thanks for swinging by for another Black Ops Zombies Anonymous meeting!