Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Black Ops 3 Zombies Xbox 360 Has Blown Me Disgusted!

That's right I am back in action. Much apologies for taking such a long time off from my blogging but there was a lot going on and now its settled. Anyway, Black Ops 3 is out and I still have old gen Xbox 360 but managed to get the Black Ops 3 Bundle (which let me tell you, is a complete rip-off). But a Zombies addict like myself, just could not resist.

I will be posting links to vids and articles as well as blogging about possible theories in the new Zombies series. I will also be discussing the major rip-off Treyarch and Activision are peddling to old-gen console owners and how pissed I am that I spent $50.00 on a piece of crap that doesnt work and graphically reminds me of playing on a Playstation1.

So stay tuned for great news and info from "Shadows of Evil" and "The Giant" and much more! For now here is a link about the massive Der Riese "The Giant" easter eggs of Insanity!

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