Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What does Dr. Monty Have in Store?

Long ago in a COD Zombies map called Verruckt, random soda pop machines began a trend for zombies addicts who just couldn't satisfy their sweet tooth with the blood of the living dead. The first ever perk machines were introduced into the second map for Call of Duty: Zombies franchise. What was left as a mystery, until Black Ops 3, was who created them and why. Now we all know it was a character named Dr. Monty, although this was not the only treat he created for survivors, as he also created the new fan favorite perks candies, GOBBLEGUMS! Using all the Liquid Divinium from a Season Pass bonus, I decided to give you all a little look into what kind of treats I scored at Dr. Monty's Factory! Check it out!

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