Friday, June 3, 2016

Revisiting "BURIED" Easter Egg Song and Pack-a-Punch!

What happened to the good ole days when Pack-a-punching your weapon was as simple as connecting teleporters to mainframes? Now Treyarch expects you to complete easter eggs and navigate haunted mazes! "Buried is the prime example! When "Buried" came out for Black Ops 2 Zombies, I was super excited and impressed, but confused all at the same time. Maybe I was spoiled on Call of Duty: World at War, when things were simple and fun? Anyway, I made it simple and made this Pack-a-Punch Guide and Easter Egg Song Guide too. Kevin Sherwood wrote this "Always Falling" tune which really starts off kinda slow but ends up getting heavier, and heavier as the song progresses. Malukah is the artist singing it but she really sounds like Elena Seigman from past zombie easter egg songs. Either way I hope you enjoy killing zombies today and stay strong!

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