The Classic Nazi Zombies Maps

This is the page to come to when researching the awesomest tips, tricks, and secrets for the ever-popular and now Classic Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies maps. Here you will find informative articles, screenshots, videos and more from the classic maps Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese!

Nacht Der Untoten

The original Nazi Zombie map from Call of Duty: World at War; "Nacht Der Untoten" started the zombie mode phenomena that we all love today. There was nothing like playing the popular zombie mode after finally beating the campaign mode to be delightfully surprised by the secret reward of "Night of the Dead". This page will feature the best secrets, strategies, and articles for the Remastered HD version of Nacht Der Untoten, and the original World at War version as well!


Zombies Veruckt was the first zombies map to feature Samantha's moving Mystery Box and was also the introduction of the Power Switch.

A truly sick and suspensful map, Veruckt is the only map in the Nazi Zombies series to spawn players in 2 different locations, forcing players to work together and join forces to fight the zombie infestation. This page has the low-down on the everything you need to know Veruckt!

Shi No Numa

Call of Duty: World at War's Map Pack 2 featured this crazy map, and the addition of some new traps and acheivements. Shi No Numa (Swamp of Dead) was another great map with many new features to offer. This map also held some cool secrets and was famous for the old 3-Gun Glitch. Though it no longer works for the Remastered Black Ops Zombies maps, you can rest assured it remains unpatched in World at War. Find more Shi No Numa Secrets, and more right here!


Black Ops Zombies Easter Eggs: Shi No Numa
Call of Duty: Zombies is well known for its many hidden secrets and easter eggs and "Shi No Numa" is no different. Here is the complete easter egg guide for the popular zombies map, "Shi no Numa", or "Swamp of the Dead". Read More!

Der Riese


Der Riese Easter Eggs of Wonder: Find out what secrets lie within the zombie factory of Der Riese!


Zombie Cave Glitch The Ever Popular Der Riese "Zombie Barrier Glitch" Can Be Easily Accomplished Through This Helpful Walkthrough, But only on Call of Duty: World at War Zombies Der Riese!

Pack-A-Punch WalkThrough: Activate The Pack-A-Punch Machine With The Complete Walkthrough of How to Upgrade Your Weapons in the map Der Riese!

Hidden Radios: Find All of The Hidden Radio Transmissions On Zombies Der Riese! Find out How and Listen To the Story Here!!!

The Fly Trap Still Can't Unlock The Mysterious FlyTrap? Get The Achievement and Stick It To Samantha With The Complete Flytrap Video Walkthrough!