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                                                                                       CALL OF THE DEAD

Screenshot by October Monkee
Everything you need to know about the new breakthrough and star-studded, Call of Duty: Zombies map, "Call Of The Dead"!
Starring George Romero, Danny Trejo, Sara Michelle-Geller, Robert Englund, and that guy from the Walking


How to Kill Zombie George

Are you still trying to figure out how to take down the zombified dastardly director, George A. Romero? This guide will show you how to take him down!

Call of the Dead Mega Easter Egg Instructions

The complete instructions to the Call of the Dead Mega Easter Egg!
Get the Achievements and the Wunddewaffe DG-12!

Call of the Dead: Secrets In The Trailer

Take a closer look at the teaser trailer and you may notice a few things that
the developers hinted at secretly.


Avenged Sevenfold Musical Easter Egg

This helpful video walkthrough will guide you through the steps you need to activate the hidden musical easter egg in Black Ops Zombies Call of the Dead. Avenged Sevenfold rocks hard with their Black Ops exclusive song "Not Ready To Die."


Not even 2 months since the Escalation Map Pack hit the Xbox 360 on May 3rd, the newest DLC is set to be released on June 28th and with it one more chapter in the zombie slaughtering phenomena, the map "Shangri-La"!

Set in the mythical paradise and sanctuary of Shangri-la, the new map will revert back to earlier styles of a close-quarters environment. New traps will be available to use as seen in the reveal trailer as well as some new weapons, and the return of the "slide", which seems to lead to the base of the waterfall. Check out the details on the new zombies experience RIGHT HERE!

Time Travel Will Tell Easter Egg

Do You need the complete Instructions on how to complete the "Time Travel Will Tell" achievement and Mega Easter Egg of Shangri-la? Find the compete Instructions by clicking on the Picture Below!

The Shangri-la Eclipse Meteor

Black Ops "Shangri-La" Easter Eggs

The new map Shangri-la has a few hidden easter eggs that players can search for and find, including another musical easter featuring the return of Elena Siegman! Read More


Black Ops Zombies FIVE Apocalypse at The Pentagon

The secret map unlocked by beating the campaign in Call of Duty: Black Ops, the zombies map, "Five" featured the introduction of 4 new playable characters in the Nazi Zombies phenomona, who just happen to be former Presidents Nixon and Kennedy, as well as Fidel Castro and Secretary McNamara. Not to mention another round of the skunky, poopie-diapered cosmic silver back crawlers and a new round boss, the crazy weapon stealing Mad Scientist. The Black Ops Zombies Anonymous is proud to present some great material and helpful hints for the zombies map FIVE!


Black Ops Zombies: "FIVE" Easter Eggs of Wonder

Beat the Campaign in Call of Duty: Black Ops and be the lucky recipient of the unlockable Zombie Mode level "FIVE," an intense experience for even the most hardcore zombie mode lover, which takes place in our very own Pentagon. As with all other zombie modes levels, "FIVE," has many Easter Eggs of Wonder, waiting for fans to discover, the first of which, are the characters! Read More!

Ascension Essentials

When Call of Duty: Black Ops released its first DLC "First Strike Map Pack", Black Ops Zombies fans fell in love with the extensive, brutal, and mysterious map, Ascension. The game environment is of course equipped with some new traps, new weapons of zombie destruction, and more mysterious secrets and easter eggs for every gamer to enjoy. The Ascension Essentials Page is dedicated to hooking you up with the awesomest secrets, game strategies, and articles for possibly the greatest zombies map ever!

Ascension Articles

LUNAR LANDER GLITCH: The Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Ascension map still continues to amaze gamers with the many secrets to be found within the game environment and one glitch that will take you on the ride of your life! Read More!

Kassimir Mechanism Easter Egg: So if you haven't heard, the Kassimir Mechanism easter egg is possibly the best and most extensive secret in the Nazi Zombie series. In this articl you can find the tools you need to solve the Mystery Man mystery and also find the rumors that have officially been debunked. Read More!

Ascension Radio Locations!: Just like in the Classic Der riese Map, there are a number of hidden radios with transmissions detailing the Ascenion story in Black Ops Zombies: Ascension Read More

"3ARC UNLOCK" The Secret Map: Dead Ops Arcade

If you like the classic arcade style of a traditional Top-Down Shooter game, the secret zombies map "Dead Ops Arcade" is a fun new way for zombie lovers to engage in apocalyptic zombie slaughtering action. What other secrets does this new zombie map have to offer. This page will tell all and show all!

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